How To Start Your Personal Growth Journey

Starting on the path towards self-improvement and empowerment can be a difficult process. Taking the first strides towards bettering yourself can feel like a massive undertaking, especially if you aren’t sure exactly where your path is headed. But, those first steps are crucial and will ultimately lead to you becoming the best version of yourself. The Awakened School, through the teachings of its founder, Rachael Jayne Groover can help get you started on a personal development journey that will benefit you for the rest of your life. Reach your fullest potential today!


The first step towards realizing where you are headed in your personal growth journey is knowing where you are right now. Self-awareness is knowing yourself, your headspace, and where you stand so that you can march forward into the future with a firm grasp on who you are and what you want to achieve. 

Identify Your Goals

Once you know where you stand, you can start to determine where you are going. Firmly identifying and outlining your goals gives you something tangible to strive towards. Along the way, you can set markers for yourself in order to track your personal development progression. 

Don’t Do It Alone (Learn From Others)

It is important to remember that just because this journey is about your development, it doesn’t mean that it has to be a solitary venture. Learning from and leaning on the experiences that others have had in their development can give you tools that can help you along your path. Even if you don’t have someone there by your side, you can lean on the wisdom of others that have been in similar situations like Rachael Jayne Groover. You’re not in this alone — reach out!

Stay Empowered

The journey towards self-improvement never really ends. There are always greener pastures, higher peaks, and better versions of yourself to strive towards. You must keep that in mind on your path and make sure that you don’t let go of that feeling of empowerment that guides you along the way.

Getting started on the journey towards personal growth can be hard. It requires self-reflection, motivating yourself, and occasionally relying on others for help. But the important thing is that once you get going, you’re becoming a better version of yourself with every single step you take.

Don’t waste time — get started on your own personal growth path today when you sign up for one of our self-improvement programs. Reach out to The Awakened School today!